The #WFH Box

$54.95 $64.95

We know lockdown sucks 👎  That's why we've created The #WFH Box — Designed to spice things up with all the treats and essentials to make working from home just that little bit easier. 

  • Salted Caramel Chocolate 80g from Loving Earth
    Made by blending Certified Organic Virgin Cacao Butter from Peru with Cashews, Organic Evaporated Coconut Nectar and a pinch of Pink Lake salt, sourced from Western Victoria, this plant based chocolate is seriously a game changer. 

  • Sea Salt Popcorn from Serious Popcorn
    Why over-complicate when it’s the simple things in life that give you the most satisfaction. This organic sea salt is unrefined and free of anti-caking agents and best of all it’s harvested from Lake Grassmere, Marlborough.

  • Birthday Cake Fairy Floss from Fluffe
    Fluffy white cake floss, layered with vanilla frosting and a generous topping of rainbow sprinkles - make a wish!

  • Beverage Choice Of:
    Ginger &  Lemon Myrtle from Kombu Kombucha
    XPA from Balter Beer 
    Lemon & Lime Hard Seltzer from Good Tides

  • Smokey Joe Cashews from Nuts About
    Cashew Nuts, Organic Coconut Oil, Smoked Organic Alderwood Salt. Nuts About is a 100% Australian owned company taking on the big boys, owned by three nutters that became sick of the poor quality of nuts available in Aussie bars, they decided to do something about it! Their small batching technique ensures optimum freshness every time.

  • Hamperly Gift Box, QR Code Card with our #WFH Spotify Playlist & Personal Handwritten Card 
    by yours truly a.k.a team hamperly (fill in the message box below)

Want to add your company branding and send to your team of 20 or more? Head here to view our corporate offer available for a reduced price. 

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