#WFH Care Package 2.0


Take working from home up a notch with our #WFH Care Package 2.0. Filled with all the goodies to help you and your team fend off 3 o'clock-itis...or just because!

  • Hazelnut Butter Crunch Chocolate 40g from Chow Cacao
    Another epic chocolate from the good folks at Chow Cacao, keepin’ it real with this creamy and crunchy hazelnut legend. 45% raw cacao ground with house-made hazelnut butter.

  • Milk Choc Chunk Cookie 60g from Byron Bay Cookie Company
    This classic cookie is lavishly crammed with creamy choc chunks and baked to golden perfection. As seen on cafe counters across Australia, this popular flavour is best enjoyed with your favourite hot beverage.

  • Salted Caramel Fairy Floss 9g from Fluffe
    This floss is made using a salted brown-sugar base, which gives it a richer, full-bodied flavour, with that classic caramel taste.

  • Activated Charcoal Crispbread 120g from Falwasser
    Making a bold statement, these gourmet crispbreads are made with Activated Coconut Charcoal. This dark cracker not only stands out with its look, but also with its taste; with pleasant earthy notes that enhances the flavour of your favourite cheese.

  • Smokey Tomato Relish 260g from Drunken Sailor
    Ripe tomatoes, spices, mustard seeds, vinegar and that romantic hit of campfire smoke. This is the perfect relish for burgers, steak sandwiches and sausage rolls, or when stirred into a Bloody Mary.

  • Beverage Choice Of:

    - XPA from Balter Beer 375ml
    - Lemon & Lime Hard Seltzer 330ml from Good Tides
    - Cucumber & Mint Sparkling Water 330ml from Sips Sparkling.

  • Personal Message Notecard from you (fill in the message box below)!

CORPORATE ORDER? Contact us to add your company logo on the gift box for free and receive a discounted rate, when ordering a minimum of 20 gift boxes.

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