12 Best Welcome Gift Ideas for New Employees in 2023

Every company wants to make a good first impression, especially on new hires. You want them walking enthusiastically into the office on their first day, feeling welcomed, excited, and confident about their new role – and one of the ways to ensure this is to prepare a welcome gift as part of a new employee’s onboarding experience!

What are Welcome Gifts?

Welcome gifts – also called new hire gifts, swag packs, or onboarding packs – are curated gear and merch for new employees to help them feel more at ease in their new work environment and foster an immediate sense of belonging. It’s also a part of the new hire welcome packet that contains onboarding materials, company information, and details about their role.

The gifts can be given on their first day or delivered to their homes prior to their start date. The package usually includes company branded items employees can use on the job, like tumblers and notebooks. It could also include treats or other feel good items that would make new hires happy. 

Welcome Gift Ideas

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Each company may have specific items in their welcome boxes tailored to their needs. If you’re looking for no-fail gift ideas, here are some suggestions that would definitely put a smile on your new employee’s face!

Office Accessories

Brighten up their workspace with practical desk accessories they’ll be happy to use during office hours.

  • Water bottle – A quality water bottle reminds employees to care for their health by staying hydrated throughout the day. hamperly. uses a wheat straw bottle in The Eco Essentials Welcome Box to encourage less plastic usage!
  • Coffee mug – Morning coffee in the office perks workers right up! A stainless steel double wall thermal mug, like the one included in The Office Hero Welcome Box, ensures drinks stay hot for hours to satisfy any caffeine fix. 
  • Tote bag – Custom company tote bags are always handy and can hold other essentials – like lunch, for instance!

Office Supplies

These are the most basic but essential welcome gifts and can be used by employees whether they work remotely or on site. 

  • Notebook and pen – Notebooks and pens can’t be missed and are always nice to have.
  • Thumb drive – Having portable file storage makes an employee’s life easier and is a must for securing important company files.
  • Sticker sheet – Offer fun and creative company stickers that the staff can place on their tumblers, laptops, notebooks, and more. (These are great for branding, too!)

Tech gear

Who doesn’t love gadgets and gear that make the job easier? Whether or not you’re a startup or an IT company, these kinds of supplies help your company stand out from the rest.

  • Laptop or tablet sleeve – A sleek laptop or tablet cover like the one included in The Tech Buddy Welcome Box will make any gadget look stylish and helps keep it protected, too. 
  • Wireless charger – Any employee will surely be excited to receive this as a welcome gift as it ensures their smartphones will never run out of juice throughout the day!
  • Pop phone grip – Another swag addition to your welcome gift that’s both practical and trendy!
  • Webcam cover – This thoughtful gift shows you value your employee’s privacy and is the perfect present for those who do remote work.

Treats and Drinks

Any new employee will surely be delighted to find some goodies inside their welcome packages. 

  • Snacks – From nuts, chocolates, cookies, and other sweet treats, everyone appreciates a quick snack break while at work. If possible, try to select snacks that your employees will love and keep their dietary restrictions in mind.
  • Beverages  – Show you care for your employees’ wellbeing by selecting all natural or zero calorie drinks like our selection from The Office Hero and The Eco Essentials.

Customise Your Welcome Gifts

Apart from the suggestions above, your business might have specific needs and items you want to include in your new employee boxes, like apparel or subscription services. hamperly. can do the heavy lifting for you and curate the best products guaranteed to impress your employees and even your clients. 

We have a variety of custom gift boxes and offer full customisation and branding from the packaging to the gifts. Just send us your brief, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Welcome gifts for your new hires can go a long way in fostering loyalty and reinforcing company culture and brand. It can even help you reach more people! Reap the benefits of a memorable welcome package – contact hamperly today and enquire about our custom gift boxes.